Page Selector Filter in Saved View does not Synchronize in NUX




I created a Saved View where the Page Selectors are filtered based on a user selection.


Figure 1 - This is the system module, where the user selects an item in "Select Planning Scenario"


Figure 2 - This is the report module where the filter is applied. In the module, the filter is reflecting properly.



However, in the NUX, the grid does not synchronize when the user selects a planning scenario. Even if the browser is refreshed. What seems to be the problem why it is not synching in the NUX?


Note - module has no User dimension


Best Answer

  • JaysonCFormentera

    Hi - this was resolved already. There is a Filter function at the Page Selector of NUX. We just applied the filter there and its working fine now.


  • @JaysonCFormentera 


    Are you using Custom Views or Module Views?

    If Custom Views then you will have to apply the filter directly in the NUX.

    If Module Views then it should work the way you are describing it. 


    If the problem persists then it may be worth opening a ticket with anaplan support




    Miz Logix

  • Hi @Misbah 


    I'm using Module Views. 


    Thank you.

  • Hi @JaysonCFormentera!


    To automatically update the filter in UX, the filter itself must include a system list of Users. Is it enabled in your filter LI?


    If yes, but the page doesn't refresh, have your colleagues check and clear your browser cookies. Sometimes this helps.