Errors while running new actions in a process


I keep getting a "size details" error when running new actions in the Load Products process. I must have removed some information by accident. The sizes are still showing in the flat list so Im unsure how to correct this error. Please advise. (see error attached)

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  • Arnab116
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    You have to upload the csv file once again in to the module. There are 2 ways to do that :

    1. Got to the module and import the file using Data option- The usual process.

    2. In the Action, Go to Import Data Sources Tab/section --> Select the file section ->> New Source --> Upload New File.

    I will suggest you to upload the file by following the 2nd process as your import actions are already created and configured.

    Generally once you upload any file it stays in the server for 48 hours then it automated gets deleted.

    Hope this helps to resolve your problem.





  • @Shanlovin 


    It means for action 1.1 you need to upload csv file again, once file gets uploaded into Anaplan it remains active only for 48 hours and then if you wana run the same action again it will prompt to upload file .

  • Hi @Shanlovin 


    Would also suggest running processes as a button via either a Classic Dashboard or UX page that way you'll always get asked to load up a new file, as the others have pointed out the file gets "lost" after a couple of days, suggest setting CSV file loads to being "everyone" in the Default File drop-down.


    Hope that helps


  • Thank you much!