NUX: Right Click + Delete


One of my stakeholders went to a worksheet and right clicked a member, selected delete, and it unchecked the list member from a subset. Normally, a user wouldn't access to a list to uncheck subsets, so it confused us. The process didn't delete the record, so it lingered but messed up some other logic reliant on the subset.

Has anyone else experienced this? I was wondering if this is a NUX bug or if it's an intended functionality.



  • @jackcplanning 

    Didn't know about this case, thanks for sharing.

    I believe it was possible via Worksheets. And worksheets allow you to do so many things such as "Delete", "Change Parent" and "Incert multiple items". Any of them can easily break the logic of your model so it's better to disable this options by default.

    Best way to save yourself is to use "Delete from list using selection" action and a boolean.