Not able to get data for two line items in Inv01 module


Can anyone help me find out why I am not getting data for shipping cost and final shipment amount even when the formula is correct.Please find the ss to refer.

Shreya Rewadkar


  • Hi @ShreyaR!


    As far as I see from the formulas (and remember the course) this functionality is needed to change the numbers.


    The formulas are written in such a way that until the override is introduced, there will be zeros everywhere.

    And the introduction of override and new numbers may be required at the end of the course at the exam (they will give files to download and reconcile the numbers).

  • Hi 

    formulas are correct. 

    Line item Final shipment amount says. if submit purchase order request is not true then 0 else if...

    since you are not ticking the submit purchase order request you are always getting "0". Please tick the option to give suggested order amount for the month.