Create a User Experience Page


I am working on the item Create a User Experience Page

  • Page Name: Global Demand Assumptions 
  • Category: Demand Planning (not available for My Pages)

Include the following:  

  • Time, Account, and Product Family context selectors 
  • Import Volume Growth Rates Action button (not available for My Pages)

After creating a page there no option to add context selectors


But adding a cart Context selectors are not coming up, please guide me.






  • Hi @sp40684 

    We dont have to add context selectors again after adding a grid. After you add any grid, context selectors is already available. please click on edit on page and click on edit for that grid, it is available something like below


    if you select off, your context in off. if you select label, your context is static without change options. if you select selector, your will get the context selector in bottom left corner of same grid to chose between contexts.

    Manjunath KN

  • Hi,





    • DEM03 Demand Forecast - Line Chart saved view
      • Sync the chart with page context selectors  - How to do , let me know
    • DEM03 Demand Forecast - Field card
    •         Sync the card with page context selectors - How to do , let me know
  • Hi

    In the previous screenshot I gave, you can see i clicked on context settings of G3 location. 
    In that you can see sync with the page (in green, which is turned on)



    hope this helps.


  • Hi




    Is Show on the card to be OFF / Selector 


    Please guide.

  • Hi 

    You have already synced the field card which i have marked again with red marker.



  • So finally at the 



    For all the filters at the top menus are also -  Show on page : selector to be selected right 


    Final view will look like this right








  • Hi

    for above context selectors keep something like below. the purpose of sync it to tell all the grids will work on the basis of context selector.
    L - Label
    O - Off
    S - Selector



  • thank you

  • Attached is my UX page, Can u check and see if it is right?


    How do I get the selectors below the Line Chart and Field Cardare my values in Field card right. Please checkare my values in Field card right. Please check