import shows failure but data is updated - import with subsidiary line items


Hi Anaplan community,


As part of preparing my model for next year's use, I have created clearing modules with line items formatted as "No Data" to import into my original module to clear that from any user input. 

One module which I need to clear has line items with subsidiary views, using a subset of the list which I use as one of the dimensions for the module (Comparison Timepoints). In the clearing module, I kept each line item which uses a subsidiary view and I create different saved views in which I show only the line items using the subsidiary view dimensions. I then use these saved views to import into the original module and do the mapping, where I put the applies to "not applicable" if I don't need it. When I run the import actions, Anaplan gives me a failure message (Import into module unsuccessful: the dimensions in the target module do not match the import definition).

However, when I check my target module the data is gone. So it seems like my import action is doing the job I want it to do (clear the line items), however, I don't understand why I get this error message. I would prefer having it work without getting a failure message.

See attachments for more info.


Can anyone explain me the issue here and advice?


  • Hi @LouiseBourgonjon 

    You are getting this error because you have additional dimension in few of your line items. When you create a saved view to import it takes the dimension applied to module but not to line items with additional dimension.

    Can you try creating 4 actions (1 action for common dimension and 3 more for subsidiary view line items). Create 4 saved views(based on last point) to map it to respective targets And keep all 4 actions in a process.


  • Hi @ManjunathKN ,


    thank you for your quick reply.

    This is exactly what I have done: I have created the first saved view with only the line items using the same dimension as the module, the other two saved views show items with a different "applies to".

    I have 3 actions in total.

    But still have the error message although the actions are doing what I expect to do.

  • Hi @LouiseBourgonjon 

    Which import action it is getting failed.?
    I see there are 3 subsidiary views. Why did you create only 3 actions(it should apparently be 4 actions right?, 3 for subsidiary views and one for common dimension)

    for subsidiary view saved view, you are showing only that line item that needs to be imported? similarly while importing into target, you have to import only to that target line item.

    kindly share the action name where this error is thrown.


  • Hi @ManjunathKN ,


    1. I have 1 view ("Pr. Export clear MDBC 02.1 - module applies to")  which holds the line items which have the same applies to as the module.
    2. I have a second view ("Pr. Clear MDBC02.1 all comparison timepoints") which holds the line items which have applies to "Forecast Versions, Comparison Timepoints, Subset O2 - Commercial Only. Note that these are two line items: "MoH Current Year" and "MoH Current Year (incl. Q4 Adj)". 
    3. I have a third view ("Pr. Clear MDBC02.1 Q4 Adj only applies to") which holds the line item which has applies to "Forecast Versions, Comparison Timepoints - Q4 Adj only, Subset O2 - Commercial Only. Note that this is only one line item "MoH Q4 Adj". 

    And accordingly I have 3 import actions.

    I get the import failure message ("Import into MDBC 02.1 Delta figures Commercial - Versions module unsuccessful: The dimensions in the target module do not match the import definition.") for import actions using saved view 1 and 2. The third saved view gives an "invalid number" message, which is understandable and is okay, the data is cleared.


    Hope this helps!