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Can anyone explain the difference between Cloudworks & Onecloud & when to use what?


I gathered that Onecloud has both cloud & on-premise options as compared to Cloudworks, however I'm not sure which is more effective - features wise, cost etc.


Also, in terms of Data Integration with ERP tools (cloud/on-premise) - how does it compare with Anaplan's other Integration tools like Mulesoft, Informatice etc. How is it different?


Anaplan has many Data Integration options, however I'm not sure how one can identify & choose the best option. I know its something to do with business requirement, however I just wanted to know the basic differences in between them.


Would be great if someone can highlight these points, differences etc.


Or, at least guide me to article where all these questions have been already answered.




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  • alexpavel
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    You can start with the general information about Anaplan Data Integration:



    In short:

    "CloudWorks" is a specific integration solution developed by Anaplan to import data from a specific external source (AWS or Azure) into an Anaplan model. It has also functionalities to schedule and trigger import actions/processes which move data between Anaplan models. CloudWorks is not a fully developed integration tool but it gives some basic and useful data integration functionalities related exclusively to Anaplan.


    Until this moment, Anaplan did not develop a Data Integration Tool (like Mulesoft, Informatica, etc). Anaplan Connect and CloudWorks are data integration solutions "free of charge" that can be used in data integration automation where the source or the target is an Anaplan model.  


    "OneCloud" is a third-party data integration tool. It is from the same family of the other data integration tools like Informatica, Mulesoft, etc.. It offers much more sophisticated functionalities related to data integration automation. Usually, a data integration tool can connect to multiple data sources and can transfer data to multiple data targets. 

    OneCloud has developed also a specific connector to connect to Anaplan (as some other tools have).

    However, if a data integration tool has REST API capabilities, it can be created also Anaplan data integration connection. Anaplan has developed a general REST API library related to data integration which can be used potentially by any data integration tool or custom script.


    Hope it helps




  • turnerth
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    Thanks for this, it is helpful.


    Our organization is large, and we have a need to move large amounts of data frequently from Anaplan to multiple reporting cubes.  Is there a way to clone our Anaplan Models (or tenant) into a separate AWS S3 Bucket/Container to enable exports via a separate application instance & not lock the primary instance?


    I have seen this done in Client Server, curios if anyone is doing something like this with Anaplan in the cloud.


    All the best,


    - Tom