Anaplan put to rest mode after 60mins




May I know the reason why Anaplan model put to rest after 60mins ?


When another user tries to login again, it takes time before the model re-open.


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  • I think the reason is to optimize the Anaplan cloud resources (memory). 

    Maintaining all models from all tenants (which could be thousands or hundred thousand) it's not the best way to "block" the memory(resources) of the Anaplan servers. 


    If an "application"(model) is not used by the users for some time, that "application"(model) is usually put in "sleep mode". 

     This is quite a common practice for all cloud-based solutions, not only Anaplan. 


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  • You can apply workaround as below to keep the model always active.


    1. Create a Flat list with one member
    2. Create a module with Flat list as dimension
    3. Create 2 boolean line items, one with TRUE as formula and one without formula.
    4. Create import process to copy data from line item 1 to line item 2. 
    5. Schedule the import process to run every 30 mins or 45 mins.


    Hope this helps.


  • @DeepakSrinivas 


    While you can do this, and there are better ways to do this than what you mentioned, it should not run 24x7x365 as the models need to go out of memory to save and do garbage collection.  A better way is to have the Anaplan Connect script return a listing of processes (-P).  This way, you are not changing or writing to the changelog.


    Again, if you need this type of script to run, it is best to run them during business hours, say 7 am to 6 pm Monday through Friday.  As for the schedule, have it run every 50 minutes.