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Hi All I have a few modules which are being used to capture settings/variables which the users will select via a dashboard. The modules include the TIME dimension using the Quarter timescale as they want to potentially have different settings for each quarter. I want to give them the ability to copy the settings from one Quarter to another to give them a base starting point each quarter. My plan was to have a module where they select the From and To Quarters. (see screen shot) Then use the "Copy From (Source)" to filter the relevant modules, and the "Copy To (Target)" to identify the TIME to load the data into.. But i cant seem to filter the modules as I cant reference the TIME dimension as I would other Lists. Anyone have any ideas? The other option is the Bulk copy, but this appears to work at a Month not Quarter level. Thanks Paul


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    Hi Paul
    As I could understand you've created the list 'Quarters' for 'Copy from' and 'Copy to' lineitems
    In this case you could use below steps for your solution:
    1. Create the date property for 'Quarter' list (let's name it First date for quarter then fill this property with appropriate values 
    Q1 FY13 2013-01-01
    Q2 FY13 2013-04-01
    Q3 FY13 2013-07-01
    ... etc 
    2. Then you could compose your formula. It'll be smth like If Quarters.First date for quarter[lookup: "Copy From (Source)]=start() then "To copy" else ""


  • Hi Oleg,

    Thanks that has worked perfectly solving the issue if referencing the Time dimension, I've attached a few screen shots in case anyone is interested,showing;

    1) The List and Property
    2) The selection Screen to trigger the process (Ignore the warning message)
    3) One of the Modules data to be copied set to the Copy From time period showing the Line item i used to filter on (Note it is populated)
    4) Same the Module with the data to be copied set to a different time period showing the Line item i used to filter on (Note it is Blank)

    I've then saved these as Views with the Filters applied and created import actions using the "Copy To" Line Item mapping to the Time dimension.

  • nedubey
    Hey Paul & Oleg, we have a similar requirement of pulling data from one quarter and populating it to other quarters across a long list of modules. Screenshots would have been really helpful. But couldn't find any. Could you help?
  • Hi, 

    I would be interested in seeing some screenshots for this...could you please share them on here ?