Issue with formula editor getting worse


Hello All,

A couple of months ago I called out an issue (confirmed to be a known issue by Anaplan support) about the formula editor in the new modeling experience. You could not reference a list item by clicking, you had to type the entire reference.

It seems the issues was not fixed and got worse with the latest changes.

Now, in the formula editor, I cannot even reference a line item in a different module!


Is anyone else having the same problem in the new modeling experience (the "old" one still works)?





  • Hi @fabien.junod ,

    Sorry to hear you are having problems. I am unable to reproduce the additional problem you mention about referencing line items. Please could you share some more information and/or contact our support team? 


  • Thank you @ChrisM 

    It seems there was a bug on my side. I cleared the cache of my web browser and now it's working.

    Well, the referencing of a list or list item still not working but that's a known issue