Use a key word(code or something else) to delete a item from list(numbered or not) in UX/Dashboard


just like 


a TextBox1 here for input unique key word,   a Button1 here to trigger the action


click the button, then will delete the item from a certain list using the condition given in the textbox


maybe there's no such function in Anaplan, but would you guys please teach me the most likely way to achieve it?


thanks a lot~


  • @Livy 


    The most common way to achieve this is not by text keyword but rather a boolean selector.

    List of elementsDelete? (= boolean)text keywordpossible formula for delete


    deletetext keyword = "delete"

    the formula would not work for "remove" because the conditions are set for "delete" keyword ("del" also would not work)

    The boolean will be you input field and the driver for Delete item from list using selection (

    You still can apply keyword feature but then you would have to setup the too many rules to check the spelling of the keyword (see table) and users will have to follow this rules in order to achieve the deletion. I would recommend you to go with boolean way.




  • Anaplan has a separate action that removes list items that are have TRUE.

    If you need to specifically enter a code/title, you can use the FINDITEM formula to turn the entered text into a checkmark for the Action.

  • hi, thank you a lot.

    I knew this is the way which has recommend in level 2 training

    but if the list is large,  you have to identify/check the item by scrolling a lot

    I want to achieve this some normal programming logic

    such as, maybe SQL?   delete from SampleList where code=TextBox.Text

    thank you again~

  • thank you!
    but which card type I should use to input some text?
    and how I can turn the text I inputted to a "checkmark" which can be used in the FINDITEM formula....
    sorry for beginner's easy question....
    thank you again
  • @Livy 

    If i understand correctly you want user to load or input codes of the list items which he/she wants to be removed?

    That way you can setup a dummy list with will be needed only as lines for inputs.

    Dummy listCode of the list elementList item [formula FINDITEM('The List', Code of the list element)]



    A (code 123)
    2213B (code 213)


    Then you simply can apply firstnonblank formula to the List Item line item.

    list elements

    item for deletion (formula List Item[FIRSTNONBLANK:List item])

    Delete? (formula ISNOTBLANK(item for deletion) )
    C false

    And finally check with ISNOTBLANK(). This will be your driver

  • Hi 
    Below solution might help for you.
    I have created1 list & 2 modules for you, 1 module for text selection, other is for showing the display.
    Logics are simple. its XYZ  = Selection. 
    I have used numbered list here with Text formatted display name like Apple,etc.

    1. Text Selection module (text formatted line item.


    2. Display module.


    After creating 2 module, you need to create delete using selection list using "new action" in "actions".


    Your action will be created like this.



    Bring modules by grid Cards and Action by Action card and configure it.

    Hope this helps.




  • thank you for your answer~
  • thanks~
    it seems that I can't do it without a boolean~
    I will try it~ thank you a lot !