How to connect a long list of vendors with multiple other lists


Does anyone have experience creating a module with a long list of vendors (4000+) by multiple dimensions (market, department, legal entity, business unit) without breaking their module? Currently we are only able to show by one dimension but we really need it by all four, would greatly appreciate any insights on how to accomplish this.



  • @AlexGSG  The alternative is to create a new list with the combination of all lists Vendor+Market+Department+Legal Entity+Business Unit and have all the dimensions defined as line-items and in rows to publish the combi list. 


    @KirillKuznetsov : Thanks for sharing! 🙂 WOOW. 

  • @alexpavelOne small disclaimer that additional dimensions can cause possible performance issues, so keep that in mind

  • Not exactly what I was looking for but good to know! We were able to make the data fit by splitting it into 6 subgroups. I really appreciate how quickly I got responses, thanks and have a fantastic week!

  • everything in life, it has a price to pay 🙂