DCA configuration in Level 3 Model Building




Can anyone confirm the user story for DCA configuration in Level 3 Model Building? Is it User Story 1.12? 


Also, can anyone confirm how can I test it? I mean how can I confirm whether I have created the DCA module correctly, as there aren't any screenshot available.





  • Hi BB @CommunityMember111277 ,


    Unfortunately, I can't help you with your specific problem. However, I can assist you with how to test DCA.

    You'll want to test it using a dynamic boolean which you switch on and off. You want to create scenarios where you can read or write depending on your boolean. After understanding the application of DCA, change your criteria to your situation instead of the test boolean. And see if the cells are read and write for the expected scenarios.


    Hope this helps!


  • Hi Egek,

    I actually did the dev, but i'd like to test it. Can you clarify about this ?

    Thank you very much