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Any help would be appreciable.


I have numbered list and has property display name. It has formula to reference from one of the module. However it is not displaying anything on that display name property section even after I set display name property. Is there anything I am missing?


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  • KirillKuznetsov


    do you have any other dimensions than this numbered list?

    this may cause issue and you would have to set "applies to" to this single list


  • in the module, I have two dimensions and they both are numbered listnumberedlistdimension.PNG

  • @skarki 

    Could you tell where do you use UserList dimension for this module? Is it used in any formula? I suggest you to remove it if it's not.

    Now the display name formula is returning the value per each user list item but Bug# list as any other list in Anaplan cannot have dynamic name depending on UserList element. So it naturally don't know what to show to you. Unless you either remove the extra dimension from the Display name line item or set first non blank or last non blank summary setting to it.

    I assume there is no need in UserList dimension in the formula.



  • Thanks for your response. 

    This module will be published in classic old dashboard where end user will input data (more like form) and we need to know who submitted request. There is line item submitted by which is dropdown with current user only the selection option. for that reason, I am using userlist List..

  • @skarki 


    The only way for the Display Name to work (when using a formula within the property) is when the formula is pointing to a module that only has one list defined for it because a list member can only have one display name.


    So, what I would do, is have a "flat list" for Bug fixes, which you have.  Then the process would be this:

    • Module defined by Bug Fixes
      • this module is only defined by Bug Fixes, no other lists
      • the user will be able to add Bug Fixes to the list by using the Create Action.  When they click that, they need to fill in the Name and/or description.  The Name line item is what the Display Name formula hooks into.
      • create other line items for Submitted By, Assigned To, etc..

    I don't think you need UserList.


    As for what you stated above that you need the system to figure out who submitted it, Anaplan doesn't have that functionality because that would be a function.  And if it was a function and I opened that "form", it would automatically tag me which isn't correct.  But, if you have them use a dropdown and put their name in that field, that should be sufficient.


    Hope this helps,