Stuck inside a subsidiary view


Hi All, 

On a number of occasions when reviewing subsidiary views I have found that I am not able to return to the default view. 

Despite, selecting 'default view' from the tool bar I am forwarded back into the blueprint. 

The only remedy I have found that gets me back to the default view when this occurs is to close the module down and reopen it. 

There doesnt appear to be any discernible pattern or logic to why this occurs but I would simply like to know if there are any tips to avoid it happening in the future as its just annoying. 





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  • JensitSebastian



    This happens usually when the subsidiary view is accessed from the Blueprint mode. So as a Rule I don't access subsidiary view from Blueprint, I always navigate to module's front end view and then only access the subsidiary view. This way I have been able to avoid getting stuck. 

    Hope this helps you too. 





  • @ChrisAHeathcoteI am totaly agree with you, I also experience it from time to time and couldn'treplicate this in a pattern. But it feels like it happens when you go to subsidary view and then to a blueprint and back. So after it you get switched to the same view. and only way is to close the tab or refresh the page.

    Probably one of the options to avoid it which just came to my mind is to create a saved view being in the subsidary. So you don't affect the main view and could return to it from Saved views>Default. But I did not test it.

  • Hi,

    Yes, It happened to me many a times. one way I follow to avoid that, I would go to main view from subsidiary view before switching to Blueprint view.