online-education-concept-screen-with-teacher-books-and-pencils-small-vector-id1216350892.jpgAnaplan offers a variety of training opportunities to set you on the right path in the Anaplan Academy. Here you'll find a recommended list of courses to get started. 

Training and Micro-Lessons

Model Contributors should have completed Level 1 Model Building training and be familiar with the concepts and applications of this course. 

Additionally, below are some relevant micro-lessons from Level 1 Anaplan Model Builder training that Model Contributors may find valuable as a refresher for typical activities.

The All Functions Anaplan Model:

In addition to the Level 1 Anaplan Model Building training, the All Functions Anaplan model, available for download on the App HUB, will help Model Contributors learn about and better understand any type of Anaplan formula in an interactive model. This can be used alongside the written All Functions section of Anapedia for additional context. *It is important to check with your organization’s Anaplan Product Owner to ensure you download the All Functions Anaplan model to an acceptable workspace within your tenant.

Are there other Academy courses that you've found helpful? Support Model Contributors in their Anaplan journey by sharing in the comments below.