Aggregation Functions Other Than SUM


There are several types of functions in Anaplan: aggregation, numeric, financial, time and date, logical, text, call center planning, and miscellaneous functions. As a model contributor, you are probably already aware of the SUM function in Anaplan, which is an aggregation function, but how many other aggregation functions exist and how can you use them? Have you run into a need to check if any or all booleans are selected? Do you have a need to aggregate data across time periods?


This 9 minute micro-training (Aggregation Functions other than SUM) may be very helpful to understand what's possible when using other, perhaps less familiar, aggregation functions in Anaplan! 


Share a note below if you find this helpful, note what challenges you've run into with aggregation functions, or share what your favorite aggregation functions are and how you use them.