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In the NUX, is there a way to make the KPI Card titles dynamic by referencing the line item name? For example, if I select Total Sales line item, can the card title "Total Sales" be added automatically? 

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  • KirillKuznetsov


    @bhatjaved @Arnab116 @ManjunathKN I agree with the guys.

    But you can try by keeping the title blank and use additional KPI with text line item (or line item subset) which will behave as your dynamic title.

    Another idea came to me. Why would not you show context page selector (label)?




    FYI, in Management Reporting dynamic text feature is ideal for this purposes.





  • Hi 

    I dont think Anaplan can make the titles dynamic in KPI.
    Titles are defined text so it will be constant.


  • Hi,

    The use of KPI is to indicate some important number/indicator which the end user will always look for sales based on the selected parameter. For example Sales, Revenue numbers based on the selection of Region.

    But as per your requirement you want the line item to be selector. So, for this kind of situation you can publish a grid with the dimension and line item as selector.


    Hope this helps.




  • @JessicaD you could try using field card if you want to highlight line item values which could be dynamic , otherwise titles in KPI card will be static .

  • Hi @KirillKuznetsov ,

    Yes you can go with that approach if there is no dimension/list in your module.




  • @bhatjaved @Arnab116 @PreviousUserAccount @KirillKuznetsov These are all really great solutions! Thanks for your guidance!