Nux is not showing the values reflected on the module.


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this issue might already have a solution but this is the first time I encountered this matter.

our client send an issue where in the report published in the NUX is blank.


Normally my approach would be check the source module to see if this is actually a formula issue that is causing the blank values. below is the source module of the NUX report above.


I followed the clients intersection to make sure that we have the same value. as you can see the Gross profit line has the 58.30% on the source module.

Do I republish the module in the NUX? or is there a tool in the NUX window where I can make it appear on the NUX.?? i already refreshed the entire page multiple times


Hope you can enlighten me on the issue hopefully the resolution you have can be use moving forward.


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  • ManjunathKN

    Hi @Jsdeloria21 

    Can you edit for that grid in NUX and click on eye button and select line items and check summaries is on for that line items.

    is it same for all users or for a particular user. if it is for particular user then you might have used user based DCA module. Check whether that user have been checked for respective boolean.



  • Hi @Jsdeloria21!


    Interesting problem!

    I suggest that you check and test the following:
    1. Make sure that you and the user are looking at the same slice of data (time, version and other analytics).
    2. Reconcile the settings in the DCA part. It is the one that can change the display of a particular cell. Ideally set yourself the same role and remove WS Admin for the time of testing.
    3. Ask the user to use Drill-Down on that cell and send him the results.
    4. Pro-Tip: give the user Page Builder (or use My Page) and under your control try to reassemble the view. At what point will the number not be visible?

  • hi AntonMineev,


    Appreciate the response on the topic submitted.

    on the number 3 item you mentioned to drill down the cell in question (Is this drill down on the NUX or source module?)

    for the number 2 item, the Users have full access at the moment since they are validating the values at the moment.

    for the number 1 item - i followed the dimensions provided by the client to capture the values store gross profit values.


    APpreciate you can provide some feedback on this queries.

    Thanks again on the response.


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  • hi Manjunath,


    are you referring to this edit option with the eye? see below



    there seems to be an option for the show/hide(eye) on the edit option of the module.


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  • Hi

    yes, when you click eye(show/hide) and click of line items in drop down, it should go to line items and summaries, after you select the level of data you want to see, you can check for the specific summaries below that as items(drop down).

    search for YTD % Margin (of stores sales) and check the box.


  • Ok, let's move on!

    1. By point 3, I meant Drill-Down in the UX on the user side. It may help to clarify if he sees the data for calculation and how this cell is different from the neighboring ones.
    2. ok, then it remains to check the DCA. Is it installed on this LI? If so, if you remove it, does the problem remain?