List formatted line item in NUX.




In modules when we have list formatted line item selector it will show the child items first and parent next in drop down selector. But when I publish the same grid in NUX it will show parents first and child last. 


Is there a way to fix this.? I don't want to use workarounds like flat lists. I still have to see the parents but I should see the child first in list formatted line item drop down in NUX.



Manjunath KN



  • @ManjunathKN 


    I don't think you could do that.



  • Yes, i dont see a way either.

    but, it will be difficult to chose the child items in sum formulas.


  • Hi,


    Can you please describe that use case you are mentioning?

    @ManjunathKN wrote:

    Yes, i dont see a way either.

    but, it will be difficult to chose the child items in sum formulas.


    Any chances that dependent drop-down would be helpful?




  • Hi 

    Please find the use case in brief.
    List 1 --> Child
    List 1.1---> Parent

    List 1
    List 1.1
    List 2
    List 2.1
    List 3
    List 3.1
    List 4
    List 4.1
    List 5
    List 5.1
      Time in column 
    List in rowsLI in rows  
    List 1LI 1Number 
     LI 2List formatted line item (drop down) 
     LI 3LI 1[sum: LI 2] 
    List 2LI 1  
     LI 2  
     LI 3  
    List 3LI 1  
     LI 2  
     LI 3  
    List 4LI 1  
     LI 2  
     LI 3  

    Assume summaries are turned off for module.
    In module when I want to select based on dropdown, child item that is(List 1) will appear first but same module in NUX, Parent (List 1.1) will appear first. it is okay for small lists, but for big lists it is cumbersome to scroll right and down to select the child.


  • Thanks!


    I agree, there is no way we can manage order in drop-down selector for Totals. And it might be a problem for huge hierarchical lists.

    I think the only solution I have is to use dependent drop-down:

    LI 1Number
    LI 2List formatted line item PARENT (drop down)
    LI 3List formatted line item CHILD (drop down)
    LI 4LI 1[sum: LI 3]


    In terms of your example, the User should firstly select Parent LI 2 and then select Child LI3. Two steps are required for selection, but it is more convenient in terms of scrolling. 

    Hope that helps




  • hi @ogilkons 

    Thank you for the reply! much appreciated,

    Use case was brief in my case. Basically, in your solution I can use the immediate parent drop down and child. In this case users wont be having visibility to parent of parents.