Import Anaplan Data into Spotfire



Could someone explain how we can import Anaplan data into Spotfire?

Is there a specific connector that I should install?


I heard there is a Auth 2 connection, but I have a very basic level in all this. Don't know how to handle this.

Something that explains step-by-step how to make it happen would be awesome.


Thanks for your support!


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  • Dikshant
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    It looks like Anaplan supports JDBC drives. With this JDBC drivers you can ask you Spotfire admin to create an information link and add the JDBC driver to the.\tomcat\custom-ext directory. Anaplan also supports ODBC so if you want to connect only your client, you can do so with ODBC. Here are step by step guide I found from Anaplan. Once you have the drivers and everything you need for a successful ODBC connection, then you can use Spotfire as many other software to bring the data from it. I recommend however, using TDV (Tibco Data Virtualization) which is part of Spotfire to get data on-demand and perform dynamic queries through its connector vs bringing all data at once on memory via ODBC in you are dealing with large amounts of data

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