L1 Model Building 8.5.3 Activity: Import Data into Volume Inputs Module


Hi Everyone,


Could someone please advise how to map this data in L1 MB activity 8.5.3.


Please see the screenshot, I have tried time with Column header and then mapping time values manually in the time tab but it fails to map all values ( 36 values failed)


Screenshot 2022-01-27 at 20.31.56 (2).png


Many thanks in advance.


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  • ManjunathKN


    you have to import the file in grid view and not in blueprint view. you should select first header as 2nd row and first data as 3rd row.

    In mapping
    time --> column headers(and in time mapping tab, select periods and select YYYYMM)
    fixed line item -->line items

    your import should work



  • @zaibhamid81 

    Map Time with headers ,P2 products with product code , G3 location with location code and fixed line where you will select volumes . Ensure your formatting for time is correct and then re-run the action .


    Also you need to bear in mind that headers lie in 2nd row and data in 3rd row 

  • Hi

    this is the mapping tab, initially you will get the import data source tab. where in you have marked it as header as 1st row and data as 2nd row. 

    but in your source table you can see first row is fixed line item that is volume! so, your header will be 2nd row and data will start from 3rd row.

    How to correct this: you have to import the file again either in grid or import data source, it will show import data source tab and mark header as 2nd row and data as 3rd row. 

    Hint for future mapping: your volume is fixed line item in the source.





    Thanks for your reply. 


    Could you please explain how can choose column headers in 2nd row, what are the steps so Anaplan recognize that my headers are in 2nd row and data starting from the 3rd row .


    Many thanks

  • @zaibhamid81 Import the file again and once you get the below screen change your rows accordingly 



  • Thank you @ManjunathKN for you reply,


    Are you talking about this page, if this is the page you are talking about to map the data then please let me know how to select rows to tell Anaplan where my column headers starting ( it is only showing column option please see the below screenshot)  




    Many thanks.



  • Thanks so much @ManjunathKN it worked.