Can we customize Anaplan new UX homepage?


The new UX homepage has model on the top, then page and app. Is there a way to customize this by removing models for example?


The pages shown are different each time when user logs on (depending on the recently used history). Can that be fixed and categorized? We need a landing page that is static (a little similar to the classic dashboards). 


Can we add tool bars which allows us to navigate more efficiently?



  • Hi@lilasququ 

    As i know there are no such featured as described. I suggest you to raise them on Ideas Exchange page

    If you would get enough Kudos for these ideas it may boost the decision about emplementing them by Anaplan devs

  • What about in the App? Right now we have all the dashboards in a list with different categories. Is it possible to design these as buttons? 

    Users just have too many clicks before they enter a dashboard. Is there a way to make this process easier? 


    I also think about sending a dashboard link to users.  But there is no SSO link for a dashboard? 

  • @lilasququ  you can create a page called something like "Home" or "Landing" page in a App. And the users can use this page a navigation "hub" to different other pages from that App. (similar to below picture).


    Every App page has associated an unique link which can be communicated to the users.. For example it can be communicated the link to the "Home" or "Landing" page for a particular App. 


    When the user will click on the App page link it will be asked to connect to Anaplan and,in function how a user is defined ( SSO or native), he/she will need to provide the authentication parameters (e-mail for SSO, user/pwd for native Anaplan users..etc). 


    Hope it helps









  • Thank you. The landing page looks great and I can really use this style.


    There is an SSO link for the Anaplan homepage from which users don't have to authenticate themselves again.


    But it seems there's no SSO link for the App page. It is annoying for users to have to enter their credentials every time. 

  • @lilasququ To the users it is needed to be communicated only the App link page ( not the SSO link).


    You do not worry about the SSO-specific link.

    If a user clicks directly on the App link page and the user is not already connected to Anaplan, the user will be automatically redirected to the login page where the user needs to choose the "Log in with Single-Sign on (SSO)" option (see below)




    After the user will provide the e-mail address which is used for SSO, Anaplan will "know" that the user is flagged as SSO and it will be asked for the e-mail password or it will be automatically logged in to Anaplan. 


    After the login to Anaplan will be successful, the user will be re-directed automatically to the App page. 


    Hope it helps




  • Understood. Our business just wants to eliminate as many clicks as possible.