Cell History - No history found for this selection


When I am trying to "Show History" on a cell that I know has shows data, I have the following error message to show:


"Cell History. No history found for this selection"


Is there a setting or something I have to chose for the history to be shown for specific cells? Or has anyone ran into this issue before? 


  • @wbroughton Sometimes it happens when you are trying to review cell history from dashboard level , I would suggest to give a try in a module for the same cell and see what happens.

    Also would be good if you can export the history and than review - if nothing works out support@anaplan.com at your service .

  • @bhatjaved In other words, are you saying to try to "Show History" on the module the source is coming from? If that is the case, I've tried that and same result. I'll reach out to support on this one. 


    Would you happen to have a resource within Anapedia you think explains dashboard level well?

  • @wbroughton I just experienced the same in the past thus recommended you that approach .

  • Ok thank you for your time and help!
  • Hi @wbroughton 

    You have to select the time period of cell history. if you have not worked on last 24hrs and when you select on last 24hrs as time period for history it will show "no history found". 

    Make sure to select larger time period like last 30days or so, if you have worked in that cell in last 30days.