List Management - Column Width

I constantly run into an issue where the name of list members is longer than what is displayed in a list.  There needs to be a way to adjust the column widths when looking at a list.  Current options are to export or copy and paste to XLS.  Or to search, assuming you know exactly what you are looking for.



  • @BrentOrr 

    Could you please provide some examples where you face this? Is it in NUX or classic? Numbered list or not?

    Is this a list as a dimension of a module or a list-formatted line item?


    Currently there is no auto-adjust feature available but there are multiple options to deal with long names in NUX:

    • row height (can be configurable in grid settings) - it will automatically wrap text to next line,
    • if you drag columns borders will change it's width.
  • @BrentOrr This is indeed quite a pain and in NUX is much better solved than in Classic interface. Also in NUX, there is also the mouse hoover functionality: if you hover with the mouse on the element that it is not fully shown, it is shown the full description of the element:



    For Classic Interface, there is the option to enrage manually the "Column Width", but there is also the possibility to install a Chrome Extension  (A+ for Anaplan) which is not an official Anaplan feature and works only on the old Classic interface...If if installed, it can show sometimes the entire descriptions of an element when you hover the mouse on it (like below)




     Hope it helps.