Hello, Introduce Yourself


As a Model Contributor myself, I would love to meet everyone else who's on the same journey so please tell me more about yourself. 

Here's who I am:

  • Name: Beauram 
  • Current Company: Anaplan 
  • How long I've been using Anaplan: 4+ years 
  • Completed Anaplan Trainings: Level 1 and The Anaplan Way. I've been on the last sprint of Level 2 for a while...
  • Favorite Engagement Today: Going to "Open Source Module" and looking at blueprint mode to review formulas and settings 
  • What I'm Hoping to Learn Next: Get more experienced mapping data imports

Feel free to copy and paste my introduction template and let everyone know what you're working on. Looking forward to these connections! 


  • Hello World...


    • Name: Upali
    • Current Company: Deloitte Australia (ex-Anaplan Australia)
    • How long I've been using Anaplan: 4+ years 
    • Completed Anaplan Trainings: Master Anaplanner
    • Favorite Engagement Today: A quick ALM task to setup a TEST model for User Acceptance Testing
    • What I'm Hoping to Learn Next: Polaris, and APIs

    I'm a big fan of the technical aspects of Anaplan and find great pleasure optimising Formula to either Speed-up the calculations or to save space

    • Name: Misbah aka Miz
    • Current Company: Miz Logix Pvt Ltd
    • How long I've been using Anaplan: 6+ Years
    • Completed Anaplan Trainings: Master Anaplanner
    • Favorite Engagement Today: Today, tomorrow and forever - Opening Anaplan Platform
    • What I'm Hoping to Learn Next: Hoping to discover something which Anaplan could do that has not been done before/until now. Trying to push the limits of this platform

    Currently I am working on Supply Planning and SPM Use Case. Amazed to see how Anaplan could handle all of these with ease. Looking forward to giving back to the community and help grow it.

  • Hi all!

    • Name: George
    • Current Company: Aqualisa Products Ltd (A shower manufacturing company)
    • How long I've been using Anaplan: 2 years 
    • Completed Anaplan Trainings: Level 1 and 2 model builder
    • Favorite Engagement Today: Starting a new reporting / analysis model for HR
    • What I'm Hoping to Learn Next: Definitely Polaris once it reaches general availability.

    In my spare time I've also created a google chrome extension bringing lots of extra features to the formula editor in the new modelling experience, such as syntax validation & highlighting, code completion (line items/modules/function names etc), function and line item hover information, semantic validation (checking for missing LOOKUPs etc) and basic formatting. See my post about it here.

  • So nice to meet you @GeorgeDuckett . 

    It's incredible to learn about the plugin you created. Have you created extensions before, or did you learn how to create one because you're passionate about helping others? 😉

  • Hi Beauram,

    Thanks! Glad you like the plugin. I'd never created a Chrome extension before; I thought it might be a fun challenge to learn a new language (TypeScript) and create the extension.

    I started it before the new modelling experience was announced (publicly at least) because although the A+ for Anaplan extension did provide some useful enhancements being a coder I was used to a very rich editing experience. Initially I got the Monaco editor within the old modelling experience so that I could easily add to its built-in functionality to provide the enhancements I described. When the new experience one was released I stopped working on replacing the existing editor and moved to enhancing the new editor. Given that Anaplan code now creates the editor with my extension adding to it there are a few restrictions on what enhancements I can do (collapsible IF..THEN...ELSE blocks for example), but most things carried over fine.

    It's already proved very useful for my work and hope it can help others too!

  • That is VERY cool!! Thank you so much for sharing. Excited to see what else we'll be learning from you soon!