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Hi All I am pretty new to Anaplan and attempting my first real life modeling.  I have a module that contains sales opportunity data, including the date the opportunity was created, its division and its type.  I need to build a module that will show the counts broken out by these 3 fields.  I want the type to go down the page and the divisoin and time as the page tabs.  I created 2 line items, Count and Count% going across the page.  My problem is that I cannot get them to recognize the created dates in the counts, it is counting more than what is created in the given period.  How can I get the module to show counts by type, division and created date (time)? Thanks


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    Hi Tom,

    I've mocked up a quick example of what i think you're looking for, in the screenshots below:

    1. In the "Opportunity Inputs" module, I have one line item called Date (date formatted), one called Type (formatted on the Opportunity Type list) and one called Division (formatted in my case on the Segment list).
    2. In the Opportunity Sum module, I've included Time, Opportunity type, and Segment as default dimensions, with a line item called Count. In this, I added another line item (just called X, as it is going to be hidden) which applies to just the Opportunities list, and is hard-coded with "1". In the count line item, I put the formula: X[SUM: Opportunity inputs.Date, SUM: Opportunity inputs.Type, SUM: Opportunity inputs.Division]
    Note: I formatted time on months, but you could do it at the Day level if you wanted.
    3. The final output counts the number of opportunities by each month, by type, by division/segment

    Please let me know if you have any other questions or if this doesn't match your requirements!


  • Hi Katherine
    Thanks for the response.  I do believe you have the requirements right, so I must still be doing something wrong.  I have a module named OPPORTUNITY DATA.  It is dimensioned by Time and Version on the pages, the All Opportunities list on the Rows, and Line Items on the columns:
    The line items include Division (formatted on the Division List), Opportunity Type (formatted on the Opportunity Type list) and Created Date (date formatted).  I then create a second module named Opportunity Count by Type 2, dimensioned by Divisions, Versions and Time on the pages, Opportunity Type on the rows and Line Items on the columns.
    X has a formula of 1.  Count has a formula of
    (I haven’t tried to set the % yet).  When I try to save this formula I am getting
    Can you tell me what I am doing wrong?
    Thanks, I appreciate your help with this….