different view in the source module than in the NUX


hi all,


I would to ask something that is first time encounter on my part. I created a duplicate module of the source report of the client specifically for creating a customized graph by the client.

on the duplicate module i have this pivot


but when i try to select a source on the NUX it gives me this view:


And the row is wrong as well sorry for the including the row on the screen shot. Am i doing wrong or did I miss something? let me know if you have some feedback it will be much appreciated.


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  • KirillKuznetsov


    Apperently default view stays default in NUX and it seems like a bug (or maybe Anaplan forces us to avoid using default view this way).

    So to workaround you should use saved view or custom view, as I suggested.

  • Jsdeloria21

    hi KirilKuznetsov,


    THanks for the advice. I tried it but this time I cannot view the saved view on the NUX.




    saved view option is not present on the selection



    I am not sure If i am doing something wrong here or  not.

    But I appreciate the feedback @KirillKuznetsov 


    Thanks and Regards,


  • KirillKuznetsov

    @Jsdeloria21pls refresh page


  • @Jsdeloria21 

    It depends whether you use saved view or custom view as a source.

    If a saved view then you have to save it in the back-end (classic/dev interface)


    If a custom view (and Anaplan recommends to use custom views) then you have to pivot it in the edit mode of the grid




  • hi KirilliKuznetsov,


    I actually save it as default to make sure that I captured it. I did not create any saved views for this one.As seen below.



    THanks and Regards