Rename List Items



I have a List with names only and no codes.  The names in the source system are now increasing beyond 60 characters. I want to change the naming convention in order to accommodate the size limitation.  I know I will need to add a code in order to change the existing names.  However, if I rename List items, will all references to them be automatically updated throughout the model?  Is there anything I need to look out for or be careful of when I change a List item name?


Best Answer

  • bhatjaved

    @ScottA  Hi Couple of things to consider 

    if your model is in deployed mode you wont be able to change the name of a list items unless its marked as production data in configure tab .

    if its not in deployed mode you can change the list items any moment and yes all references will be automatically updated .

    Another suggestion if your list item names are beyond 60 characters and need to be shown in model you may explore making it numbered list if that works for you .