Date Format Conversion


I have source data DATE format as 01-01-19(MM-DD-YY) . I need to map this date format to destination format as



01-01-19(MM-DD-YY) -> JAN19 (MMYY).


Kindly someone help me in this .


  • @Lokeswar 

    I suggest you to look at time functions in anapedia:

    For your use case to change date type to time period type you would need PERIOD() function.

    This requires to set target line item format to Time Period > Month.



  • @Lokeswar 

    If you need to aggregate source data by time period (months) in target module you should use SUM function:


  • Hi @Lokeswar 

    If your data is coming in Date formatted line item you can use Period() function like @KirillKuznetsov mentioned.

    if your date is coming as text, you can use below method in Anaplan to get the month for respective dates.





  • I do not think this will work because currently my data is coming in formatted as a List not a date nor text. I need it to come in as a List because it helps map the data, but I need to also find a way to get it to come in as a date or text as well if possible. 


    The Column is the data that is coming in as a List, and the Date Applied LI is formatted as a date and I need to find another way of bringing in this data. 


    Thank you 

  • Hi,


    You can create a line item in text formatted and put the formula Name(item(your list)) to bring the list into text formatted line item. And use right,left,mid,find and value function to bring into the data into date formatted.