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Hello everyone,


I've created an input module where user can fill automatically some data. I need to create a rule to load the new data entered by the user in a collection module. The collection module should has the same dimension as the input one, but I'm not sure which formula I need to use. I don't want to use a Boolean line and the Override one as we have in the training. The below data should go automatically into collection module.


Can you please help me with some hints? Thank you!

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  • @algrigore you can create another module and use the same dimensions as input module and just reference line items to each other , input data will automatically update in other module .

  • Hi,


    I cannot reference the collection module to the input module..... as the dimensions in the collection modules are formatted as list :



    I made a schema in excel in order to be more clear this action:



    Thank you for your help!


  • @algrigore 

    You can use mapping one list to another in order to lookup values from the source.