Setting a Current Version

Why is setting a current version "a potentially destructive action and may lead to data loss"? If I have no current version and want to select one, does any data get lost? If I already have a current version and now want to make a different version current, will anything change that doesn't involve an ISCURRENTVERSION function somewhere? If my model doesn't use this function anywhere, what impact would there be in changing the curent version selection?


Best Answer

  • Current version usually used when you have e.g 
    the source module with versions and target version with no versions
    when you build formula like Target.A=Source.B Anaplan can't link versions so it takes 'current version' value


  • Oleg,

    That makes a lot of sense. As I haven't been using a current version I have been using [SELECT: Versions.Actual], for example. A current version would be more dynamic, but would have to be used with care, as it is indeed portentially destructive. 

    Thanks for your help.