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Hi All,


I have a couple of inquiry on the MR in NUX. I must admit i am not as proficient as most of you so I have multiple questions on this matter.

1. How do I inlcude time dimension on the page selection on top?

2. the legends on the bottom (Dine in, take out etc.). How do I put it on the top of the graph?

3. How do I remove the number on the Y axis with yellow highlights.

4. also on the 1st table there is a -25 on the X axis? How to remove it since data does not have a (-) value.?



6. is there a way to remove this box? the small dialog box that appears when user highlight the stacked





Best Answers

  • TimothyThomas





    1. You will need to have time selected as a hierarchy filter within the "Context" section of one of your cards in order for it to display as a selector at the top of the page. Of note, this will only work if you aren't using show/hide for the time dimension in your underlying module. If you need this functionality and also need the ability to filter on the dashboard, I'd recommend using time filters. Here's a link to the Time Filters Learning model from the App Hub: Link 


    2. In the "Chart" section of the Card Configuration page, under the "Labels" subsection, there is a "Legend position" dropdown within which you can choose Top instead of Bottom (see attached screenshot).


    3. I don't believe there is custom functionality to edit just one aspect of the axis labels. You can remove them entirely, but that would also remove your left axis labels as well as your column labels. The way to do this is simply to set the "Axis font color" under the "Axis" subsection to white (see attached screenshot). If anyone else is aware of another way, please correct me.


    4. This is also under the "Axis" subsection within the "Chart" section of Card Configuration. When building a chart, the default option is for the axis scale to be Auto, but you can change it to "Fixed" which allows you to manually enter the minimum and maximum constraints. In the attached screenshot, I've changed this to 0 - 100, which I'm assuming may be what you're going for.


    Hopefully that is helpful, please let me know if any of that doesn't work for you!

  • TimothyThomas



    Sorry, missed your #6 question. This feature can be easily turned off, under the "Labels" subsection within the "Chart" section of card configuration. These are called tooltips, and default to turned on, so simply turning these off will remove this functionality. See the attached screenshot.