Unable to find correct formula



Can anyone help me with this, please? I'm unable to get the correct formula for this.


  • Hi @Apurv989

    Could you please share dimensionalities of the two modules? You can find it in Appies to or Pivot of the modules.

    I think you should simply select the source and automatic aggregation will work or just a SUM function. But anyway let's look at dimensions first.


  • Hi @Apurv989 

    In the REV02 module there is no formula and you need to write a formula to populate the volumes from DATA02 SKU Volumes module. Try it, Best of Luck!

  • Hi @Apurv989 

    In the target module you need to check dimensionality where volumes need to be loaded vs the source and refer the volumes from SKU module , it depends on dimensionality between source and target module , for eg if rev02 has SKU as dimension or any parent as dimension , then directly the module can be referred since it will be an aggregated or direct reference , else you will need to apply sum or lookup accordingly