Level 3 Sprint 2 - 7.3




All my formulas required for Activity- 7.3,Level 3,Sprint 2 appear to be correct.


Kindly confirm the Net Commission formula. As the figures I have arrived differ from the activity screenshot.








  • Hi @Vaishnavi10693690 


    Seems like there is an issue in your quarterly commission calc  , as I see your quarterly commission is same for the employee but in model it is different for different quarters , please ensure your quarter commissions match 

  • Hi, I am not able to figure out what is exactly wrong with the quarterly figures. Can you please give me a hint or something?


  • Hello @Vaishnavi10693690,


    I'm having the same issue with you and I'm getting the same results per month and I'm stuck for ages.


    Did you finally find out what was the problem and you had the same quartervalues?

    I'm having 12,316 for Q1 and Q2 and 12,452 for Q3 and Q4 hence getting the same monthly values as per your second screenshot.


    Any help would be greatly appreciated!




  • Any feedback on this? Same issue for me

  • @christina.toumpanaki - hello, any feedback on this? How did you resolve it? I cannot figure out where i am going wrong