Level 3 - 4.6.4 Sales Planning Model: A2 List

4.6.4 Sales Planning Model: A2 List

In the Sales Planning model: 

Import data from the Data Hub model to populate the A2 Account>Product# list

  • For each list item (Product name) include the Account (parent), combined Account_Product code, and display name from the Product Flat list


I have completed this but not sure my list is correct as there are too many items. Does this list view in tree view? Mine does not - too many items : original list below and after (screenshots) please advise



  • EricMed
    edited January 2023

    Hello -- I've completed the task but the Product name has changed to a code# after the import. I don't understand why that has changed from the name.

    I have Accounts Flat as "Parent"

    Code (combination code) as "Code"

    Products Flat as "Display Name"

  • I found the issue and it was because I did not have list "Display Name" in the Display Name Properties