New UX: Grid reset issues when displaying 2 different levels of the same hierarchy




I hope this has not been covered, I tried searching but didn't find any similar topics. We are currently working on a dashboard within which we are displaying two different levels of the same hierarchy as grids. Basically, we have the higher level as a summary grid near the top of the page (this is our B3 Branch Plant). Underneath, we have the lower level as a detailed grid beneath (B4 SKU).


So, the idea is that the end user can see the summary of sales by branch above, then can click a specific branch and see the underlying SKUs beneath that make up their total sales. This works great, however we are having an issue with the default view for the lower level grid resetting to the first list member of the higher level hierarchy.


Even though our saved view is set to the top level of the list, it defaults and resets to starting at the first list member. This is causing confusion in end users who are questioning why the grid is defaulting to (from their perspective) some random branch.


Does anyone have any workaround for this? Of course one that we are aware of is using select levels to show to only show the top level of the hierarchy, but this defeats the purpose of the functionality we are shooting for with this page (select a branch above, see its SKUs below). Any help would be greatly appreciated! I will attach screenshots as well.




Best Answer

  • TimothyThomas

    Figured out the solution here. The issue was that we didn't have "Use Top Level As Default Page" checked for the corresponding lists. Such a simple solution!