Lvl 2 Sprint 2 - Import into DEM01 Module


Hi, I am on Level 2 Sprint 2 - 2.3.8 Activity: Volume Growth Rates - Import into DEM01 Module.

I created the module and imported the Growth% data into it. But noticed that "Growth%" is showing in both line items as well as an item in the P1 Product Family List. I had added it to line items as per the instructions, but why is it there in P1 Product Family list as well? The Supply Chain model came with this list.

I am also not able to see the value totals in "All Products". Could anyone help me out with these 2 issues?

My screenshot:


As per the training, it should look like below after import:



  • Hi @sonalinahata ,


    I think you may have accidentally added an item called Growth % in the P1 list whilst trying to add a line item. I'm not sure why else it would be there to be honest.

    Regarding your second point, if you go to blueprint mode and along the line item Growth %, turn the Summary method to Sum, in order to get a total in All Products. It is probably set to None, hence there's no total.


    Hope this helps!


  • Dedef

    Hi @sonalinahata 


    can i get your mapping please ? 


    i m stuck iin this activity, i need to get the same output as you 




  • Hi All,

    I case you receive an error in loading, here's the mapping.


    Bryan C