Current Fiscal Year setting in Time?


In the Time setting of the model, I just updated the current period to Jan FY22.


The Current Fiscal Year still shows FY21, and I don't seem to have an option to change it. 


I'm not sure if it is doing anything? But how do I update it and shall I update it? Is there any risk? Please see attached the time setting screen shot. Thank you for your help.




Best Answer

  • ManjunathKN

    Hi @lilasququ 

    You are trying to change the Current Fiscal year in Deployed mode(in deployed model). 
    if you want to change the current fiscal year, please do change in Development Model and make a sync to Deployed model.

    Setting Current period will help in so many things with respect to time. Let say your forecast month changes from month to month, in that case you have to move the current period. Try playing around with Currentperiodstart(), currentperiodend() and period() function.



  • OH I didn't even think of that since I always change the period directly in prod. Thanks for pointing it out.