from where to get cotton candy data


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From where to get cotton candy data for model building. I recently started learning can anyone tell me.



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    The data sets/CSVs are provided during the training itself, where you can download, while on the model bulider learning modules.


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    Cotton candy data can be difficult to find, as it is a niche product and not typically associated with data collection or analysis. However, there are a few potential sources of data you could consider:

    Market research firms: Firms that conduct research on consumer products may have data on cotton candy sales, consumer demographics, and other relevant information.

    Candy manufacturers: Companies that make cotton candy or other types of candy may have data on sales, production, and other metrics that could be useful for building models.

    Social media: You could try scraping social media sites like Instagram or Twitter for posts about cotton candy. This could give you some insight into trends, popular flavors, and other factors that could be relevant to your model. paybyplatema

    Keep in mind that any data you use for model building should be relevant, accurate, and obtained legally and ethically.