7.2.1 product data import


Hey Community,


I tried different ways to import data, but still i am not able to match code , can you please help me out. I am attaching screenshot below. 

Best Answers

  • bhatjaved

    @ysalvi4321 You can match code only with list items not with line items , for line items you would need 1*1 match not the code 

  • ankit_cheeni

    Hi @ysalvi4321 


    Very interesting question - this gives us a chance to understand a couple of things. 

    First thing to know is that when you do an import, you need one line item(or column) in source that maps to the dimension of Target. In your case, it would be a code column in the excel you're using to do the import. 


    Another thing to observe is that out of the 3 line items in your screenshot, you have two formula driven line items - you shouldn't be trying to import values in those line items. That is why only size is the active line item in the mapping screenshot of yours. Summary is, you can import data into line items that don't have formulas.