level 2 model building sprint 3




I am at level 2 model building where I would need to create a UX page. one of the requirement is to "create stock exception count by product SKU and total for parent product at monthly, half year and year time period". The time scale in the INV01 Inventory ordering module is weekly. I presume the UX page grid will be taken from this module. in that case, how can I create a saved view to show only the summary at month, half year and year level without the weeks please?


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    Add a filter in that module from your system modules of time. Put the filter "any".


    Can you save the view.




  • Hi @ManjunathKN,


    Do you mean creating another line item to filter for month only in the SYS time system module by week? If so, what formula should i be using to create the boolean formula to have only the month, half year ticked?


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  • Hi @ManjunathKN,


    Seems to work well now. Thank you!