L1 Model Building - Lesson 7 Data Mapping issue


I was able to import everything but the formula CODE(ITEM('E2 Employees#')) does not seen to be working.  I see everything correctly EXCEPT data in Code line.  Any ideas?  I already tried saving the downloaded file with opening.

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  • Akhtar.shahbaz

    Hi @fgeraldo ,


    Can you please check your 'E2 Employees#' list whether the code was imported properly or not?

    Please share some screenshot







  • Meant to say withOUT opening file in Excel.
  • Hi,
    Code is logic based line item and has nothing to do with imports/excel file. If your lineitem is accepting the formula then check for E2 Employees# List as @Akhtar.shahbaz suggested! Hope it does the work
  • Good morning @Akhtar.shahbaz ,


    I checked 'E2 Employees#' list and the code was not imported.  I imported the code and now it works.  Thank you!