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I have a Text URL line item in a module.  I want it to display on my page when a condition is met, e.g., if Employee Name is not blank.  I have a filter in the view, so it will not display a value for the line item when there is no employee.  However, the image card on the NUX page always displays the image regardless if there is an employee name or not.  How can I get this to not display the image when there is no employee name?

BTW, it works correctly if I do not display the image, but show the text only.



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  • ScottA
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    Thanks for your response!  I had tried that before and it still didn't appear to work.  However, I got it to work and here is what I had to do.  I used the formula as you suggested, and removed the filter in my module view. I kept a user defined filter that would select an employee based on the logged in user.  However, that still did not work in the page when I would change the selected employee.  I had to apply the same user filter on the Page Context Selector, and then it worked correctly.  So, the issue was the User Filter defined in the module view did not pass over into the Page. I had to redefine it on the page as well.


    Thanks for you help.


  • Hi,
    You shouldn't use filter in this case, but rather write it in formula — e.g., IF ISNOTBLANK(Employee Name) THEN 'image URL' ELSE BLANK. And the line item you use for that needs to be dimensioned correctly, so for your example by Employees list.