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Hi guys! This is my challenge: I have build a Bakery model. I have 8 products, the products are devided over 2 categories. Of all the products I have the COGS, selling price, turnover, sales, total costs and total profit. I only use a general list atm.  Of all the products I have listed the 6 financials in my dashboard, so I have 8 tables in my dashboard. Now I would like to add 3 tables. One with the totals of 1 category and one of the other category and last the overall totals. But in these three tables I only want to display the averages of the COGS, average of selling price and the total costs and total profits. Is it possible to do this with the same module somehow or do I need to build a new module with new line items? Another quick question (I hope); is it possible to copy a module instead of making it from scratch again? Thanks, Peter


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  • ChrisMullen
    Hi Peter,

    If you only wanted to display the averages of a line item to a chart, you can do this by hiding all other cells so that you only include your total cells.  Example if your time scales was set in the Calendar Months/Quarters/Years and you selected Quarter totals, you would hide your months and in Blueprint view set your summary to average.  If you then highlighted the Quarter totals, and published to a chart you would get only the quarterly averages. You would then need to repreat the process for another different line item and just set your summary to sum. 

    Unfortunately, there is no "module copy" functionality in Anaplan just yet, but there are a couple ways to get around it. You can export the blueprint of the module you want to copy, create the line items, in the new module, and paste the blueprint (this will copy the structure and formulas for the module). Then for any data you need to pull in, I would create a reference formula and then delete the formula.