same slide but 2 different year is presented in MR Pdf graph


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I would like to ask for any suggestion or recommendation on the requirement below. Any feedback will be greatly appreciated.

Requirement: in the MR pdf slide client would want to see 2 graph (Current Year and Previous Year, see below for screenshot).

My apologies in advance if I was not able to provide the actual table. Not sure if I can since we have confidentiality agreement with the client. But just to sure and for the sake of presentation. I recreated them for you guys to understand. Column Dimension is Class dimension and TIME (not relevant). So if the user select FY21 on the time page selector automatically the table of the left is the current year (this Is working already) I already sync the page selector to the table and graph. However is it possible to automatically have the 2nd table Previous Year always? Is there a setting that I can select to make sure this table on the right is always previous year? At the moment since we only have data in 2021 I fix the time on the right table and graph to 2020. But when the time comes that they already have a data for 2022. The table on the right should present as 2021 already. Is there any recommendation or suggestion on how to achieve this requirement?



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  • KirillKuznetsov


    Not sure I understand 100%.

    But you can set filter on the periods you want to show when setting up the source table of the chart. 

    Another option is to collect data always from referenced time period using lookup. I your case it will be previous to anything selected on the left chart. You can achive this having a system module dimensioned by time and a line item with previous year element in it.


    Year ITEM



    Previous year




  • KirillKuznetsov


    The time system module can be created only on the backend.

    Filter can be applied in NUX, but you would most probably require driver for this filter and it can be created on the backend as well.