Model Building L1 Exam Activity 4 -Data Mapping issue


Hi All,


Can someone please put me in right direction, I am unable to map data from Employee+details+by+Role.csv.


I have selected options in the screenshot but it does not update all records and ignore departments and Region items. Please see the screenshots. 






Thanks so much.





  • @TayyabButt 


    To fix this, on the SYS08 Employee Details Line Items tab of the import create screen, you will need to click on "Map Items Manually" and then map the Department and Region to the applicable import line items. This should fix your ignores you are getting.

  • Hi @TrentB,

    Thanks for your time to look into this, if I select manually map option it still not allowing me to match region and department line items in the .csv file. it shows a message ( ignored) next to these items.
  • TrentB_0-1644333629245.png

    You'll need to follow the manually mapping process of clicking on each item to manually map it. I've put instructions for department and you'll need to follow the same for region.