Web Scraping within Anaplan


Hello All,

I am checking to see if there is any way for web scrapping and loading to Anaplan. From what I understand about Anaplan, there is no direct web scrapping method built in within Anaplan (unless I am not not aware of). If we had to load data from a website, say for example, the stock price of companies from the web, what would be the way to go?


  • @CommunityMember125342 

    Love this question, love it! Well, as you guessed there's no native functionality to scrape websites BUT you can use the REST API to load data, say from python. I use "Beautiful Soup" (bs4) to do this. Works perfectly. You will need the "requests" as well, this allows you to consume the APIs.

    Drop you python script on a scheduler and away you go. You can, for instance, schedule stock prices to be loaded regularly if you want. Since Anaplan calculates instantaneously, you can be alerted to stocks with good buy/sell prospects. Sounds fun!