Hierarchy sync doesn't work properly for drilling up a hierarchy


I'm finding that the hierarchy sync doesn't work properly for drilling up a hierarchy. It works well drilling down a hierarchy but not the other way around. For example, when selecting a list item at level 1 it will sync properly down to level 2, 3 ... level N. But if I go the other way and select level N, it doesn't sync properly. It either selects the wrong list item in the levels up or doesn't sync at all. Has anyone come across this issue and is there any work around or fix?

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  • TristanS
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    @ManjunathKN I raised a defect against Anaplan on this by the way and they resolved it 2 or so months ago. 


  • Hi @TristanS 

    Anaplan only works with pull/bottom up way of planning, so drilling down will work. If you want to do a top down way of planning you cannot use directly any functionality rather you need to use %Allocation to make this work as a workaround.