Graph comparing values from different time period


Hello ! 


I'm working on a forecast demand model and I'd like to have a graph that compares the demand values between different time period in the UX (same months but different years). However I can't figure out how to obtain this kind of graph (see picture attached) from my module, could anyone help me get it ? 



Thanks in advance 🙂

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  • @LouiseDepaquis is the values you are comparing from the same line item? If so, the way I've solved this previously is to create an output module where you use the LAG function and have separate line items for each time period you are comparing against.


    The output module would have time but only for the current year. Then a line item for CY and line item for PY and the PY is a function to pull the value from 12 months previously.

  • @M.Kierepka thank you very much, that's exaclty what I was looking for 😀